Axpire – Is This Project About To Surprise?

A Working Product

Axpire provides software solutions for enterprises and businesses, with a suite of services that are already being utilized by clients. The AXPR token has been trading since February 2018 and has seen an ATH (all-time high) of $0.08. The current trading range is between $0.009 and $0.015 and currently has a market cap of approximately $3 million.

Is That A Typo?

Yes, that is a market cap of only $3 million! This is one of the largest contributing factors in selecting AXPR as a potential altcoin gem. Projects that are in the vicinity of even $450 million are to a large extent still unnoticed. A move into this market-cap arena would cause a 150X appreciation in the value of AXPR. The fact that Axpire is a working product, already providing services to clients removes partial risk.

Many projects that are valued in this arena are nothing more than a suggestion. There is no real product or use case. Futhermore, nobody is actually making use of any service connected to them. They are merely hot air, offering nothing and yet expecting market validation.

That Is A Double Confirmation

So, the project has the perfect market cap needed to realize significant gains. Compound that with the fact that there is not only one service currently being provided by Axpire but a handful of services. These services are currently being utilized by clients and the team is about to roll out a new product, PayBX!

This was scheduled for third quarter release but has seen a slight delay unfortunately. I say unfortunately because no matter what the reason, it is usually always interpreted negatively by the market.

Axpire Product Suite

Axpire Expense Core is a service to simplify expense management with automation, and other features such as creating expense reports with voice-to-text, as well as OCR scanning of receipts. Also included are electronic invoices through the e-billing portal. A dashboard also offers data analytics and reporting through which performance can be monitored through various metrics.

Bilr is a time tracking and legal billing software for law firms. The software aids law firms, and attorney’s bill for their work, as well as automate repeat tasks.

Digital Shares is a trading platform for digital assets. Digital shares creates liquidity into usually illiquid assets such as real estate and art. This is an alternative source of capital funding that provides instant liquidity. This service is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Staking & Burning

The AXPR token is currently an ERC20 token with staking benefits of 40%APY! The AXPR token is bought back with 5% of revenues and used for token burns, ultimately providing greater value for the token as business increases. Staking can be accessed via the general staking pool or via the Uniswap liquidity pool. Currently, the best exchange to purchase AXPR is KuCoin.

Underlying Bullish Factors

Recently Axpire secured a client in the form of a Top 10 global hedge fund. This is extremely bullish for the validity of the company. Axpire is currently not able to disclose the company’s name but it is still very good in terms of displaying that the products on offer are actually attracting serious companies.

Roger Ver of Bitcoin Cash is also on the advisory team, which is quite positive, as I am sure Roger turns down a number of these requests almost daily. Axpire also has a sister company known as LSG, which has worked with some real heavyweight names over the past 17 years.

Companies such as IBM, Nike, Coca-Cola, KFC, and many more. As a result, Axpire has access to additional support from LSG and in a way has a safety net in the form of additional resources.


These are just some of the factors and fundamentals that make Axpire a suitable option for significant gains in the future. I am personally building a position in this project as the price action warrants. By doing this, I protect my entry point and minimize the chances of significant loss. However, please do your own research, especially in the case of micro-caps.

Hive – The Communal Road To Independence

Brilliant Design

Stability trumps random rewards that may in fact disappear. This is an aspect that so many do not fully explore. A lot of content creators avoid Hive and other second layers such as Leofinance due to the fact that it is initially quite difficult to gain any meaningful traction. Posts can sometimes slip past unnoticed, even if they are informative and of a decent caliber. However, quality does eventually gain recognition.

The Hive model does offer the best long-term prospects in regards to stability and rewards. It is not reliable upon outside sponsors or companies and therefore has an edge that I find paramount. Independence is at the heart of my own economic construct and though complete Independence is not very realistic, it is important to have as much of it as possible.

I recently mentioned on that I had a large Twitter account (11K) that got suspended in 2017 because I was tweeting about ICO’s. If Twitter is a primary part or mechanism in your own construct and that happens, you are done!

The same can be said if you have a primary source of income that is reliant upon sponsorships or alternative monetary creation. If those contributions dry up, so do your earnings. This is where the Hive economic model makes so much sense and is given validation.

Hive Is All About Building

The community has to be committed in order to grow and remain relevant. Fortunately, that is actually the case. Dedicated members of the community realize that in building Hive, they are building up their own economy as well. This is a highly attractive aspect that is very unique and is only possible due to the way Hive is designed and operates.

In most cases, the entity wins the majority of the time but in the case of Hive, it is different. The entity and community are the same people. This creates a powerful dynamic because the motivation is unparalleled. It is a true case of a win/win scenario, which I love!

Tribes & The Multiplication Factor

Tribes are basically second-layer solutions that have their own native token. Many may not be aware of this but when making use of Tribes, you are in essence posting to multiple platforms and earning multiple tokens.

Posting an article on Hive, users can tag in certain Tribes, enabling them to earn HIVE, LEO and a multitude of other tokens as their posts are also visible on the second layer. For instance, I may earn $12 for my post on Hive. If I simultaneously posted to Leofinance as well, I could earn a second $12, in some cases more and others less.

Endless Opportunity

Essentially, I am multiplying my earnings by utilizing the second layer and receiving the applicable tokens as a reward. Hive is an economy that is built upon a tokenomics construct that works and is rewarding.

Just because a platform rewards users with Crypto, does not necessarily make it a decentralized entity. Similarly, not every Crypto project is decentralized. This is a more common misunderstanding than you may realize.

Protecting Your Interests

By making use of a more decentralized model, you are protecting your property and contribution. This is why many Youtubers have created alternative backup accounts on platforms such as Odysee and 3Speak! It is wise to make use of as many opportunities as possible. However, it is also wise not to have a considerable portion of your income reliant upon a centralized company or entity. This is becoming more and more important in this ever-changing world. Soon it will become imperative for many. Censorship is becoming a real concern for a lot of content creators.

Commitment = Influence

In many ways, the extent to which you are committed to the growth and development of the Hive ecosystem is directly tethered to the influence you hold. The voting mechanism operates on a weighting basis, which is given relevance by the amount of Hive Power a user holds. Users are required to lock up their Hive in order to gain HP (Hive Power) that enables them to vote and interact on the platform. This is however not an incorruptible design, as users can simply buy HP and gain a dominant weighting.

Something that may become a consideration in the future, is to only authorize earned Hive to be used as HP. I understand that this is counterintuitive to growth and development but perhaps a partial percentage could be considered further down the road. As with everything, balance is very important. Correctly weighting growth against an incorruptible process is also important.

Final Thoughts

In light of the potential and advantages available to Hive users, I would consider it rather important to ensure, as a content creator, you definitely make use of the Hive ecosystem. The journey of a thousand steps always begins with the first step, there is no escaping it! So best you get started!

Create Exposure To Crypto Wealth With Zero Risk

It Is Possible

Most people reading this heading would consider it to be clickbait or a flat-out lie. However, it is actually a lot more realistic, once you understand how to create this exposure. Any capital that is invested is at risk, so how do I propose to eradicate this risk? Firstly, an investor needs to take funds of an existing investment or wage.

If I approached you with the capital to invest, your funds would not be required and would ultimately remove all risk. So, we need to find a way in which we can generate income to invest without actually doing anything for it. This seems like an almost impossible task.

Easy Income Still Requires Effort

Many suggest creating content on sites such as Publish0x, or the Hive blockchain. These are great ways to earn some additional income! However, there is still effort required. You may not have to head off to a work location but you will still need to put in the time and effort to create a decent article. The effort is minimal but still present. Some may indeed argue that the risk remains then, as the capital is produced through some form of work.

So What Is The Solution?

The only remaining option is to find a way to monetize the things that you are already doing every day. In other words, to extract capital from the actions that you perform daily. Everybody walks, what if you could monetize your steps? Everybody makes use of search engines every day. What if you could monetize your searches?

We will look at downloading apps and services that will pay you in Crypto, as you go about your day. What needs to be understood is that this a strategy to gain risky exposure, minus the risk. A way to increase the original investment substantially without personal investment.

Keep This In Mind

This is not a traditional hodl approach, although one could utilize the same principle and allocate funds to BTC and other alts. However, considering that the dollar amount being earned is not that high, the gains will not be capable of generating wealth. Over time they would most likely become valuable BTC holdings, but not significant.

I guess it is up to each individual. Do you want to take a bit of a risk, considering it is not really your capital at risk? Or do you want to use these methods to build a modest BTC stack over time?

The Strategy Simplified

The objective here is to use the Crypto earned from these apps to purchase high-risk mico-cap alts that display promise. This is probably the most difficult part of the strategy. It is quite difficult to identify a star before it actually shines. The main reason for applying this strategy to this income source is the fact that the risk is removed. So, effectively we are removing the risk from the riskiest investment approach in the Crypto space.

The Longer-Term View

When it comes to investing in micro-caps, the time frame required is often 2 years or longer. The reason for this is that smaller, unrecognized projects need time for the market to acknowledge them. This is actually a good thing, as it gives a decent window of opportunity. By choosing a handful of potential projects, investors can begin allocating funds in order to begin building positions.

Apps to Utilize

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that pays users for the searches they conduct. In this article, I explained the earning model and made the case that it could be utilized to create BTC holdings. In this instance, it can generate meaningful value over time, as mentioned earlier.

Another app is sMiles, which pays users for the steps they take. Users will need to open the app daily in order for steps to qualify for compensation. Use the code “PrintBTC783” in order to download the app.

Hi Dollar is another application that operates via Whatsapp or Telegram, which pays users 1 Hi Dollar every day. This one will however take about 10 seconds of your time but you can’t really count that as time or work.

Possible Daily Earnings

At the current valuations, the approximate daily income is $2, which is $60 per month and $720 per year. Unfortunately, earnings generated on Hi are only unlocked after a 12 month period, at which point they can be sold and used to purchase alts. The value of these tokens obviously changes significantly from time to time due to the nature of the Crypto market.

Even if you are able to only withdraw your earnings once a year, you can research and distribute your free capital to projects that you have identified through extensive research. Repeat the process every year and revisit.

That’s Too Long

If that seems too long or extremely unattractive then chances are that investment is not your thing. Investments generally take years, even decades to become meaningful. Remove the fact that this investment idea does not require your time or capital, should make it appealing to a person with an investor mindset. This freely accumulated Crypto would approximately be worth $1500 after 2 years of effortless accumulation. This is at current valuations, considering that this can increase or decrease.

Put that into coins that perform a 350X return and you have half a million dollars. Before you say that is impossible, let me give you some real-life examples. I purchased UBT at the end of 2019 at $0.01. UBT recently peaked at $4.22, which is a 422X. I purchased Solana early on in 2020 at approximately $0.26. Solana peaked last month at $213.00, producing an effective return of approximately 820X. This is more than double the returns I am using as an example. Read more about these trades here.

Tomorrow Is Dictated By The Disciplines Of Today

You could always accelerate this by utilizing funds that were generated by minimal effort, that you are willing to write off. There is however one hurdle, you have to select the correct coins. This can be made easier via research and considering the picks of investors who have made accurate calls previously. Once you have amassed a meaningful amount, that capital can in turn be put to work in other investment strategies.

However you approach this investment idea, or not, ensure that you have performed your own due diligence. All the best!

The Truth About Investing In Altcoins

If You Believe The Lie

Most people believe the voice that repeats, as opposed to the accurate voice. Many successful traders or investors who have managed to make it without joining “The Club” will confirm this foundational truth. Understanding and interpreting markets accurately is a matter of emotional intelligence and discerning the game being played.

Once you have a clear objective of what the goal is, as well as how the public and entities will respond, you have the end game. This includes the accumulation of data and technical analysis.

Disinformation Is Born Through Repetition

If you want accurate information, you will have to seek it out yourself. Disinformation aimed at the potential investor is not necessarily information that is false but rather information that is not relevant. Seeking out accurate and relevant information also requires another practice, ignoring the noise. What I consider noise may surprise you! Paying attention to and being aware of what is currently trending is a behavior thought to be in step, contemporary and cool. However, this is something that a good investor shuns. He has already built his position in what is currently trending. He has moved on.

Great Investors Are Not In Step

Wealth and independence are synonymous, they do not manifest without the other. In other words, great investors are not in touch with the current market, they are ahead of it. They have built positions, mechanisms, and models to benefit from the current trends and market moves. They are now building for the next perceived move. Removal of the current noise is imperative and instrumental in gaining a clearer picture of where markets are most likely headed next. In essence, the main principle that dominates successful investments is very simple!

Figure out where the market is heading and then get there first! It’s as simple as that and yet becomes complicated without the discipline of thought and focus.

Content Creation Can Be A Trap

Many content creators within the Crypto space direct their attention to what is currently trending. This is done for obvious reasons. Herd mentality secures them clicks and reads. However, spending time to research and discover a few unknown gems can be way more rewarding than selling out to the flavor of the month. Even a $100 investment in a 400X success story is way more profitable than the best-performing post or article.

Trends Reveal Where Money Has Already Been Made

Trends are reserved for “dumb money”, as the money has already been made. Take Solana for instance, the hype kicked in when SOL broke through the $100 mark. FOMO followed and drove the price north of $200. Currently trading at $143, where is the profit for those who jumped onto the flavor of the month? I purchased Solana at $0.30 and informed readers, shortly after.

If you have been following Sapphire Crypto on other Crypto-based platforms you would have noticed that I addressed Solana some time back. When the frenzy hit, my readers were already informed and were hopefully holding SOL. This is the aim! I have zero concern about trying to jump on the “what’s trending” train. By doing this, exclusive and valuable content is being provided to benefit subscribers free of charge.

Discerning Death

An investor looks ahead to begin building positions in what he believes will be profitable and successful. However, this also requires an astute investor to abandon what he interprets as a dead or dying project. This can get very tricky and may often require an initial move that can later be revisited if required.

This can take place quite frequently in the altcoin market and you need to be prepared to cut your losses if necessary. This is why I advocate my approach to investing in altcoins.

Altcoin Accumulation Strategy

One of the worst things an investor can do is to go in guns blazing on a new micro-cap position. These projects are highly volatile and can sink to unimaginable levels over prolonged periods of constant downward price action. My approach is to start with a very modest position, with not much at risk. If the price slides, I will pick up more, provided the long-term view is still intact.

If the project edges higher, I will increase my holdings on significant dumps or bearish price action. In this way, I protect my entry point. In the case where the price goes lower, I am lowering my entry point.

In both cases, I am protecting my capital and removing the element of significant loss. All or nothing is for gamblers. Together with portfolio construction comes capital protection. An investor looks for the safest way to gain exposure to an otherwise risky asset. The strategy that I have mentioned makes that idea a reality.


These pointers are applicable to altcoin investing. It is rather difficult to go wrong by constantly accumulating Bitcoin or even Ethereum for that matter. At the end of the day, success is achieved by doing sufficient research and having a smart execution strategy. Ensure that you understand the investment that you select and are aware of all the potential risks involved. Don’t take my word for it, or anyone else for that matter.

Stack BTC By Earning Free PRE Tokens

Viewpoint & Creativity

When it comes to the accumulation of Bitcoin, creativity can go along way in generating BTC. Utilizing multiple free services and ideas can accelerate your accumulation of this scarce commodity. However, you actually need to remove the mindset of earning BTC! Any coin or token that can be earned without any to little effort, has the potential of becoming a BTC holding.

These accumulation strategies can then be utilized to generate and funnel funds to your main Bitcoin stack. Moving BTC around is not that expensive these days if you make use of other chains, such as BSC or the Lightning Network.

The Ideal Alternative

As I mentioned in “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset”, trading altcoins can be very effective in building BTC holdings. If you are not actually earning BTC, then you want to accumulate in an asset that will rise exponentially over time. An asset that you can exchange for BTC at a later stage, once the token has increased significantly in value. Presearch’s PRE token fits this scenario rather well! Let’s take a look at PRE’s performance.

PRE Market Statistics

Looking to the graph pictured below, we can see that PRE has had a rather significant increase in value over the past year.

The graph displays the past 12 months and reveals that PRE rose from $0.013 to $0.30! That is a move of 2300% in under a year! This is the type of movement you are looking to predict. Let’s say that you had accumulated $200 of PRE by September 2020. At the recent all time high, your holdings would be worth $4600.

These PRE tokens could have then been sold for BTC on Kucoin or any other exchange. This would make a nice little addition to your BTC position without costing a cent. Utilizing the Presearch search engine daily earns you free PRE!

How Much Can I earn On Presearch?

That is fairly easy to answer, as the earning model is capped. Currently, the incentive structure rewards registered users with 0.10 PRE per search. The maximum paid searches for any 24 hour period is 30, which is fair and easily attainable. At current valuations, this amounts to approximately $22 per month. No additional effort required, simply perform your searches on Presearch instead of Google. Important to note is that as the token appreciates in value the reward in PRE decreases. In other words, long-term users benefit greatly!

Keyword Staking

While you are waiting for an opportune price to exchange your PRE for BTC, you can continue to earn on your existing PRE holdings. Staking PRE tokens via keywords can display your page or referral program on the front page of that particular keyword search. This can continue to earn you income, making your PRE tokens even more valuable. Token holders can also stake their PRE on Mycointainer, which pays 25% per year on PRE deposits. Mycointainer is a third party staking provider that makes staking easy and accessible for anyone and everyone.

Paid To Research

So if you are researching Crypto online, one of the best moves to make is to perform your research on Presearch. Get paid to learn about Crypto, as well as invite others to join you. Being a Crypto based project means PRE tokens have to be purchased in order for advertisers to push their website to the top of the page. More users subsequently increase competition, which ultimately pushes the price of PRE higher. This happens due to advertisers creating massive buy walls as their buy orders begin to full the order books.

An increase in demand is always great for the price of any underlying asset. A further increase in Presearch adoption will ultimately increase the price of the token, as the market cap proceeds to rise. The fact that these tokens can be attained by merely performing searches online is an opportunity I don’t think anyone should be missing out on!

One Of Many Opportunities

Presearch is not the only opportunity that you can leverage and utilize in order to accumulate free Crypto. Sapphire Crypto is consistently updating and informing readers of how to create Passive Crypto Income. So if passive or easy accumulation interests you, sign up below in order to receive updates on new and available content being published!

Crypto has birthed new ways of generating and creating money. Being knowledgeable of this space is fast becoming a prerequisite to living in the modern world. Once thought of as a money for geeks, is now very much global and becoming more mainstream as the days go by!

Feel free to check out “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset” for more ideas on how to accumulate and grow your Crypto portfolio.

The Bitcoin Effect & The Power It Holds

The Authenticity Is Unparalleled

Looking back on the creation and success of Bitcoin, one has to stand in absolute awe as to how this internet-based money has developed and grown to achieve worldwide adoption and investment from the highest levels of the investment world. When BTC first reached the $1 mark, it was widely considered at that point to possibly become a form of cash. Bitcoin has gone on to far exceed price expectations and predictions. It has also gone on to be more than cash. A lot of people look at the fees to transact on the Bitcoin network and subsequently decide that BTC makes for a really poor choice of cash.

The lightning network is only now starting to gain some utility and traction, largely due to El Salvador. I have been mentioning in many of my posts that people should stop worrying about the fees on the native Bitcoin chain, as second layer solutions, such as the lightning network would eradicate this issue. Many investors began to look for alternative Cryptocurrencies that could fulfill this use case, not realizing that BTC was equally capable. Transacting on the lightning network is exceptionally fast, as well as cheap! Due to the fact that the lightning network is not for holding BTC but rather spending, I make use of Wallet Of Satoshi. Safety is not really a major issue, as it is for spending. In other words, it is quickly depleted, small amounts are stored and ease of use is paramount.

Wallet Of Satoshi Removing Barriers

Wallet Of Satoshi does all the setting up of payment channels, making it really simple and fast to use. This is pretty user friendly and will help aid in the adoption of lightning in my opinion. Compound the fact that BTC had no premine, no ICO and was the first of it’s kind! It is clear that BTC has established itself and secured it’s future by attracting enormous institutional investment. There is no doubt that there are other very important Crypto projects out there with amazing use cases. However, BTC has now established itself beyond question and due to the halving mechanism, guaranteed future growth.

The Domino Effect

You cannot argue the data when it comes to the effects of halving events. In this I am referring to other coins apart from BTC. The BCH halving had very little effect, if anything at all. LTC had a short, yet modest effect. At the end of the day it is the BTC halvings that are providing a life source to altcoins. Altcoin lovers who hate BTC are like human beings that hate oxygen. You don’t get more counterintuitive than that. My view is, respect BTC for the role and significance that it plays and have your altcoins. After all, I too hodl loads of alts!

A biased view will get you nowhere. However, an accurate view, whether you like it or not holds the key to success. When it comes to markets, trading and investments there is only one thing that is paramount and that is being right! It is all about getting it right, the majority of the time. Silly little biases are foolish and ultimately keep investors in the red. To interpret the market accurately means that you have to view it as it is.

A bias is a personal view of a certain individual or group of individuals of how they believe something should be. The problem here being idealistic interpretation, which is unfortunately not realistic. A real interpretation is an accurate interpretation, which is unattainable when there are bias views in the equation.

A True Anti-Fragile Asset

When it comes to anti-fragility, Bitcoin fits the definition to a tee, making it a very unique and attractive asset. This is especially true in the current global and economic climate. The more an anti-fragile asset is attacked or exposed to harsh economic conditions, the more it benefits. It can be said that an anti-fragile asset not only benefits from a shock but is almost dependent upon it.

What does this mean for Bitcoin? It means that BTC actually thrives in turmoil, in chaos and in economic insanity. With the acceleration of quantitative easing and excessive money printing, BTC has actually found assistance in a climate that would otherwise destroy conventional assets. This is extremely bullish! Add to it the shift currently taking place in value transfer, as well as store of value and things get even more bullish.

This excludes the brilliance of monetary issuance, accomplished by the halving and difficulty adjustments. Add all of these factors together and you have a perfect recipe for tremendous price appreciation.

The Entire Market Benefits

This is not an exclusive sequence of events! The Bitcoin effect has a knock-on effect on the entire market, causing altcoins to rise in a similar way that a high tide lifts all boats. This obviously works in reverse as well and a Bitcoin dump will confirm that very quickly! Over the long-term, hodling BTC has always proven to be a wise approach. The accumulation of BTC is imperative for every Crypto investor and deserves an allocation in every portfolio.

As we look to the final leg of this bull cycle, we are all watching Bitcoin. This serves as a reminder of how pivotal Bitcoin is in the grand scheme of things. I hope that this helps to focus your perspective and view the market that little bit more clearer. The market still needs BTC and until it doesn’t it is best to come to terms with it and strategize accordingly.

Dopamine – DeFi-Centered Mobile Wallet/App

Finance 3.0

Dopamine is a new wallet that has recently launched, sporting over 1 million downloads prior to the distribution of the DOPE token. The mobile wallet and app aims to marry DeFi and self custody, as well as market related applications. Crypto users who missed out on the SafePal airdrop may well be attracted to Dopamine, as there is also an airdrop scheduled. The distribution of the DOPE token is calculated by the number of points earned by users. These points are currently earned via the referral program, which is most likely the catalyst behind the million plus downloads.

However, let’s take a look at what this wallet has to offer and if it is really worth having on your phone. There are a number of great options out there, such as SafePal and Trust Wallet, so Dopamine really needs to prove itself!

Some Of The Key Features Of Dopamine

Looking at the interface of the Dopamine wallet, it is fairly slick and inviting but at the same time lacks a certain something. It is most likely due to it being more of a DeFi focused wallet, rather than a multi-coin wallet. There are non-custodial wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. There is a built-in DEX, swap engine, which keeps your trades in-house. This is always a great addition to any mobile wallet.

Staking and farming are available from within the app! This could prove to be beneficial but not necessarily essential, as farming is already a process initiated and controlled via a non-custodial wallet of some kind. Price data, metrics and charts are also available in-house, allowing you to conduct research from within the app. The Dopamine wallet/app does seem to have a few attractive features. However, we still need to see these services fully utilized by Crypto users and the community in general. Below are some of the additional services that have been incorporated into the app.

There are a few resources here that I personally utilize on a daily basis, so I guess it is fairly handy to have them all in one place. My initial take on Dopamine is an all or nothing outcome. It either takes off, or it just floats along with a moderate amount of users. I guess time will tell.

User Experience

I have not personally used the wallet but have spent some time exploring the product. So, from a user experience point of view, I am unable to comment at this stage. When it comes to DeFi, the wallet currently supports Fusion, BSC, ETH, SOL, ALGO, ADA and Huobi.

There are apparently more to be added in time, so we will have to wait and see what the project delivers. I think that this is my general viewpoint of this product, I want to see how it delivers and how Crypto users take to it.

The Use Case For The DOPE Token

There are a number of incentives and motivations for users to hold and acquire DOPE. As with other “exchange type” tokens, fee reduction is one of the main use cases, as well as access to otherwise hidden perks. DOPE will also be used for staking, farming and referral rewards. Community governance and airdrops will also be additional use cases for DOPE as the project matures and develops.

Does It Qualify To Be On Your Device?

Well, the fact that referring friends and family will ultimately earn you DOPE is a fair encouragement. You have to also ask yourself whether being able to farm from within your wallet is something that you find attractive. Furthermore, having important resources in one app might also be something that is quite handy to you. For now, I have it downloaded and will most likely give it a test-drive soon.

Learn To Enjoy Crypto Downturns

A Brutal Reality

Many Crypto investors are literally terrorized by downturns in the market. However, if you follow a few proven principles, you may actually learn to love dips in the market. I think the scariest aspect of a Crypto dump is the severity, compounded by the rate at which it occurs. Bitcoin can dump 10% in minutes, leaving bag holders stunned and clearly unprepared. In all fairness, how can anyone actually prepare for such an event? There are occasions when it is a lot more obvious. For example, technicals are pointing towards weakness and volume is revealing a lack of muscle.

However, BTC and the Crypto market in general are highly irrational at times. This dynamic can often see the market act contrary to sentiment and even technical analysis. This does pose a dilemma, as how is an investor to prepare for such price action? The answer comes down to preparing for the worst, while hoping for the best! Let’s look at some simple counter measures investors can take to protect their portfolios when the going gets rough!

Losing Exposure Is Not As Bad As It Sounds

An effective Crypto portfolio does not have a full allocation dedicated to volatile instruments such as BTC and altcoins. If your portfolio does not have a specific allocation set aside for stablecoins, then you are most likely going to get burned somewhere along the road. As previously mentioned, prior to BTC hitting 65K, I mentioned a diversification into stablecoins was on the horizon for my own portfolio. As the price action unfolded between 50K and 65K, I was shifting into stablecoins. At one stage almost 40% was in stablecoins, I decreased this slightly with some strategic buys as the market moved lower.

This type of portfolio construction is absolutely imperative in the hedging of your entire portfolio. A 50% stablecoin holding has the ability to soften a market drop substantially. In this specific case, a 30% market dump would only impose a 15% drop in portfolio value. Sure, a significant amount of capital is removed from the market so to speak, but that is where creativity comes in.

Lending & DeFi

Lending has been a way to earn interest on stablecoins for some time now. In some cases, as much as 12%, providing at least some return in exchange for “safety”. However, in reality no single investment is safe! Although investments can be categorized in terms of risk/reward ratios. DeFi can actually provide meaningful returns, provided the risks are acceptable to your own risk profile. Creativity in the allocation of stablecoins is one sure way to hedge your Crypto portfolio.

There are however more approaches one can take in order to capitalize and benefit when markets drop.

Further Use Of Stablecoins

Not only should investors have stablecoins in longer-term investments, so as to hedge and grow holdings but also for further investment. Having capital in the form of stablecoins in order to buy the dip is also extremely savvy! In this approach, should also be the discipline of restraint. The dip has a way of continuously dipping and if you exhaust your capital, you won’t benefit as much. Even if you have allocation capital left over after the dip has concluded, it is better than not having capital in the event that the dip continues.

Coin Selection

It is also important to consider acquiring coins for investment that can be utilized to generate income. This becomes extremely beneficial in the event that the bearish price action is prolonged. Even BTC can earn yield, contrary to Warren Buffet’s viewpoint. In the case of DeFi, the income generation can be quite significant. This is also an avenue that you can choose to make use of in extreme situations. You can choose to have this option available but not necessarily utilize it. One of the most important aspects to remember when it comes to investing is to always ensure that you have an ace up your sleeve.

Once you no longer have this advantage, you are at the mercy of the market! This is a place that you would rather not have to find yourself, so take the necessary measures in order to protect your portfolio.

Alternative Measures

There are more ways that can be utilized in order to offset loss and encourage portfolio growth. However, these methods do exceed the parameters of the traditional investor who simply utilizes capital. These methods are revealed in “The Crypto Wealthy Mindset”. Utilizing these methods and approaches will require some time and effort to set up. However, they can become a life jacket in turbulent times. Your portfolio requires support structures, safety measures and emergency measures. Without these in place, you become a gambler!

Gamblers are reliant upon luck. It is better to actually plan for success, which does not occur by accident. Portfolio construction and design is a lot more complex than many may think, which is why 90% of the market loses money! However you may decide to approach the world of Crypto investment, ensure that you are holding a couple of aces. Trust me, you will be glad you did!

Do You Set Yourself Crypto Earning Goals?

You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don’t Take

An old saying that never seems to grow old, most likely due to it being very true. If you don’t set goals or fail to aim at reaching certain measurable points in your journey, you will most likely travel very slowly! If you want to reach any type of measurable success, you need to be committed with a specific plan mapped out.

You have to have certain points of progress measured and planned out in order to reach them and enjoy the benefits of accomplishment.

Time Waits For No Man

It is pretty much as simple as that and the quicker you get going, the quicker your progress will produce the results you are seeking. Time waits for no man and as mentioned before, it is the most valuable asset you have, as it can never be replaced. Unlike money, cars and homes, time is finite and if you waste it, you lose it forever! 

The Main Objective

This being said, my main objective is to increase my passive earnings, for the simple reason that the initial time spent on these endeavors will continuously reward me. What does this mean in practical terms? Well, by managing to secure a passive income equal to a working wage, I am effectively saving myself enormous amounts of time. In other words I am saving the most valuable earthly asset.

The consequence of this being that I never have to allocate another hour of my time, in order to have an income. This is massive and something that not many seem to fully comprehend. When I speak of meditating, I am not talking about some type of spiritual ritual. I am talking about thoughtful consideration and planning. This is an absolute imperative aspect to developing a great understanding and strategy.

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

A recent lack of regulatory clarity has basically forced me to increase a certain aspect of my economic model. By doing this, I am subsequently strengthening one particular aspect of my model in order to depend solely upon it until there is clarity and clear guidelines. This does have benefits, as now I am allowing the rest of my model to grow in value. From a long-term point of view, this is actually helping me. However, in the moment, it does involve some sacrifice.

Another Reason Why Passive Income Trumps All

This is exactly why I love passive income so much! Sometimes, as a trader, one can be limited by the services your country allows. Certain transactions can become an issue in certain regions of the world. However, money coming into a country from an external source is generally smiled upon, as the country is not leaking investment or capital but rather acquiring capital, which will subsequently be taxed.

There are so many really good reasons that actually promote the building of passive income above every other form.

First Prize

For example, one of my favorite passive mechanisms is BetFury. When I take into account my monthly staking earnings, as well as referral earnings, this mechanism alone covers more than half of my monthly rental. This is completely passive and merely requires me to login and cash out. This to me, is the first prize of earning within the Crypto space! I am constantly building upon existing mechanisms, as well as seeking out new opportunities.

Some Avenues To Explore

Obviously some of the best opportunities are those that do not require any investment but rather have ways in which you can alternatively earn income. Utilizing opportunities that have multiple tier referral programs such as PipeFlare, or even CryptoTab are great ways to do this. These opportunities allow you to earn a small amount on a daily basis but also have basically unlimited referral programs that can generate rather meaningful income. Multiple tier programs have an amazing way of compounding even small amounts into substantial amounts. This is obviously relative to your own unique referral base.

One of my other favorites is Cointiply, mostly due to the high earnings that are available to users. This is probably the highest micro earning site in the Crypto space. Cointiply does not offer a multi tier referral program but their program is unlimited. So users are able to refer an unlimited amount of new users to Cointiply, making it extremely viable and a favorite to many, other than myself. Great personal earnings that can be complimented by rather significant referral earnings. 

Trading Platforms

Trading platforms such as Bybit and FTX are also great avenues to utilize. A trader who enjoys and benefits from an exchange will continue to use the platform and subsequently earn the referrer ongoing commissions. There are many other options such as BitYard, or even Biswap, which is a DEX that has a referral program as well! The attractive aspect of Biswap is that every trade you execute on the DEX earns you BSW. The fees are extremely low and you get to earn BSW every single time you trade! This is why I prefer to swap coins and tokens here, as I will be paid for my trades.

Utilizing platforms that require investment generally incorporates DeFi and traditional lending platforms such as Celsius and Nexo. The returns are also a lot lower on traditional platforms, which means that larger amounts of capital need to be secured in order to earn meaningful income. 

Create Your Own Economy

However you may choose to create and generate ongoing passive income is entirely up to you, as the space is literally jam packed with opportunity. That being said, this should not be considered investment advice. This is simply me sharing my journey with you. All the best and wishing you well on your journey through the world of Passive Crypto Income!

What Makes This Investment Strategy Smarter Than You May Think

What Makes An Investment Great?

In most cases, a bad investment is fairly obvious at first glance. However, some individuals still manage to get ruined by bad investment decisions, largely due to ignorance. A good return on your invested capital is only one aspect or criteria that defines a great investment. This is often the only criteria that is considered by certain investors. This group of investor often ignores a number of other very important aspects that are essential in making an investment a success. How you approach an investment, is absolutely imperative to whether you will succeed or fail.

Simply taking part in a Formula 1 race does not necessarily guarantee you the trophy. It all comes down to how you drive, which is a combination of skill and actual execution. In the investment world, it comes down to knowledge, combined with excellent execution.

The Most Important Rule

I view allocation as the most important rule of investing or trading. Wise and prudent allocation can and will make all the difference, especially when things don’t go your way. Investment is not a case of all or nothing but rather a means to secure gains. Throwing your entire capital at any particular investment is in essence a gamble. If all goes well, you walk away a winner! In the event that things don’t quite go your way, you stand the chance of significant ruin! This is particularly true in the Crypto world.

When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Whether you want to admit it or not, there will be times when circumstances seem heavily apposed to your investment decisions. What do you do in times like this? If you followed the golden rule, then you can simply add to your investment and subsequently pull down your entry level average. Alternatively, you could also wait for a trend reversal confirmation. Once confirmed, you could increase your holdings.

In the case that the project has suffered a fatal blow, your loss is not devastating, as it was only a portion of your capital at risk. If you chose not to follow this rule and allocated all of your investment capital, you would be, what we call toast!

Utilizing Passive Income To Remove Risk

This has got to be one of the best ways to grow your investment portfolio. In the case where an investment opportunity may appear relatively sound, there can also sometimes be other risks involved. BetFury was one such case for me. Being a gaming and gambling platform, there are a few important aspects to consider. Regulatory issues often arise, specific to certain locations and laws. Transaction volume can also drop due to a multitude of reasons.

After recouping a small investment in BetFury, I decided to slowly increase this avenue by utilizing passive income that I generate utilizing other strategies. In this way, I am not really risking anything, as this is capital being generated automatically without any work. The following fundamental aspects are what encouraged this move.

Guaranteed Token Appreciation

Before we look at this, it is important to understand how this investment works. The BFG token, which can be purchased via Biswap or Hotbit is required in order to stake. The staking of this token earns dividends in BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX and USDT on a daily basis. Dividends are credited to your account every 24 hours.

Playing games and gambling subsequently earns users BFG. This is known as mining BFG tokens, as tokens are actually mined relative to the wager amount. The mining difficulty adjusts over time and so one needs to wager more BTC in order to mine BFG. What this does is basically ensure that the price of BFG increases over time. Now that the BFG token can be bought on exchanges, the purchase price and mining price need to remain somewhat tethered. Considering that the mining price increases by default, it makes sense that the purchase price will have to follow, in order for this model to remain relevant.

Earning Dividends In Assets That Increase In Value

This strategy works extremely well when dividends are held and hodled over time. Initially, all dividend payouts were made in BTC only. The addition of other coins has only taken place fairly recently. I was receiving BTC dividends when the price of BTC was only a few thousand dollars, so you can imagine how those earnings have grown over time. This is another reason why this particular opportunity works so well when you incorporate sound investment principles into the mix!

The Yield Is Even Better Than CAKE!

Many within the Crypto space will be familiar with PancakeSwap, a DEX powered by the CAKE token. CAKE is the native token of PancakeSwap and can be staked in order to earn a monthly yield of approximately 6% on various platforms including PancakeSwap. This figure fluctuates slightly and will be higher if earnings are compounded within the staking protocol over time.

Depending at what price you are able to secure your BFG tokens, you can generally earn anywhere between 7% and 10% per month on your initial investment. With daily dividend payments and immediate withdrawals at any time, it is an attractive opportunity.

Taking Advantage Of Dips

In the event that the BFG price dumps significantly, it becomes the perfect entry point for someone looking to earn ongoing passive income. Buying the dip, essentially means increasing your dividend yield, provided the price returns to previous levels. If the price remains trapped, then the expected 7% to 10% is still available.

Dividends For Risk Allocation

When investing in smaller cap projects that are still undiscovered, I prefer to take capital from passive income sources. I do this so as to eradicate risk. Passive income is constantly created and does not require my time or effort in order to generate it. This approach does not put my lifestyle or budget at risk.

This is a prime example of how I evaluate an opportunity and apply sound investment principles in order to offset risk.

This is not investment advice but simply my personal approaches and strategies to generating Crypto wealth.