Early Crypto Adopters Leading The Way In Employment Independence

Is It Even Employment?

I specifically used the term “Employment” in the title of this article in order to attract the attention of the current global workforce. However, a more accurate description would actually be “Income Independence”. Readers need to be made aware of the opportunity that Crypto now offers. An opportunity that has the potential to replace a standard nine to five working career. Let’s look at why this is actually such an attractive opportunity and why Crypto OGs have opted to live a Crypto-powered life.

The Obvious

Most people dream about working for themselves or even generating a full-time passive income. The attraction is fairly obvious in that one no longer needs to report to a boss, be hassled by the poor performance of other colleagues, as well as a multitude of other benefits. However, the most attractive aspect is the freedom! Being able to get your work done as you choose is very beneficial. An emergency or meeting up with a friend or family member can take precedence, as you can simply shift your workload to another time of day.

Ultimately, it creates freedom, and one’s efforts are not limited by a ceiling created by a wage or salary. For example, in most cases, no matter how hard you work, your salary will be exactly the same each month. You may in fact contribute twice as much to the company as a lazy employee and still receive the same salary as the unproductive employee. If you are able, to be honest with yourself you might see where I am going with this. Work or productivity that is generated in return for payment is what we all agree on when taking on a job or new position. However, what happens when that work exceeds the agreement without the payment being increased?

Smart Slavery

Often workers are exploited in that new additions are made to their list of responsibilities without any raise in pay. Furthermore, employees are often expected to produce outside of their agreed working hours due to “emergencies” and the like. This is a form of modern-day slavery and often goes unnoticed because it is the status quo.

On the contrary, working for yourself ensures that your work is rewarded, as there is no limit to your earning capacity. If you succeed at whatever you are putting your hand to, you receive the reward. Alternatively, if you succeed in the workplace, your boss or company enjoys the rewards, while you receive the same salary as the unproductive employee. It seems quite obvious about where you should be aiming and yet the majority opt for the illusion of “safety” in a job. In the same way, as earnings are uncapped in an entrepreneurial venture, they are also not guaranteed and this proves to be too much for some.

Why Is it An Illusion

This fear and illusion keeps them in this position, never willing to venture out beyond the safety net they place so much trust in. This idea of safety is very much an illusion as many will be able to confirm. How many lost jobs due to covid? How many went on to lose jobs due to mandates and other restrictive measures?

There is no security in a job, everyone is dispensable! It is harsh realizations like this that trigger change. Satoshi created Bitcoin after having an epiphany of how corruptible fiat money really is. People seek better ways to get things done and this is what so many have found in the Crypto world.

Risk For OGs Is Far Less

When you take into account that early adopters have generally made significant gains, it becomes clear that some have no need to work. Others have a significant nest egg to cushion them until they design and establish their own unique system/business and daily Crypto routine. The risk is less and makes it easier for them to abandon the status quo and begin generating independent income.

The Side Hustlers

Alternatively, many choose to hustle and work 15 to 18 hours a day, as they shuffle their day job with creating something meaningful within the Crypto space. The wealth of opportunities is literally mind-numbing and makes such rational sense to persevere, once understood. The masses are mostly unaware because to them, the only way to make money in Crypto is when prices take off. This is one of the greatest misconceptions that continues to fuel the “Ponzi” and “gambling” narrative, so prevalent in mainstream society.


DeFi, Play2Earn, Metaverse, NFTs, and countless other opportunities within the Crypto world are waiting for the knowledgeable to take advantage of and begin earning income. In many cases, the income is passive and the growth is way more significant than many are accustomed to. Those who have begun a journey within the world of Crypto can testify to the tremendous opportunity that is at hand.

Crypto is creating financial independence, as an entirely new economy seeks to create an entirely new “workforce”. Establishing even a side hustle within the Crypto space can be something that will add tremendous value to your financial life in years to come. This is obviously my own personal opinion and not necessarily exactly how the future will unfold. However, predictions are based on current facts, data, as well as how developments are currently unfolding.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on this topic and I hope to see you soon!

The Future Of Mass Adoption & Why Hive Is Central

Time To Utilize Another Angle

When you look at what draws the masses into Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, it is always the same thing, price appreciation! This seems to be the only “selling point” that manages to onboard new users and investors. However, when prices deflate, we generally see the opposite behavior. Sentiment and interest drop, often followed by mockery. Many who bought into the hype of 2017 went on to bad-mouth Crypto all the way through to 2020, only to flip their narrative again when prices began to soar.

Can’t Escape Human Behavior

This is however rather predictable and to be expected. Ideally, we want to see people entering the space on an ongoing basis, based on their belief in both the potential and the technology. Unfortunately, with every bearish season, also comes a subdued interest in Crypto. The reason is, the only selling point is “euphoria”. We need to ultimately attract a better class of investors and by this I mean, committed.

Someone who arrives at the Crypto doorstep every three to four years is not really doing the industry any good, apart from buying the bags off of the intelligent and disciplined investor.

They may believe that they are about to secure some serious gains but that is generally not the case. This group ends up being the cash-out mechanism for the long-term investors, who are ironically securing the gains the latecomers are after.

A Better Alternative

I have spoken quite frequently about the incentivized economy and firmly believe that it has tremendous power to usher in a new wave of adoption. These new arrivals are taking part because they are earning Crypto by being active and committed. Play2Earn continues to be a massive incentive, especially as gaming is already such a large and profitable sector. Other incentivized models continue to onboard new users and have a fairly strong chance of maintaining them, provided the rewards are attractive enough, as well as stable. Tokenization is obviously aiding in this endeavor, making it easier for the creation and launching of new projects.

Compounding Effect

This activity, by default, goes on to create new users across CEXs and DEXs, along with many other Crypto services. If you now have all these people earning Crypto, they also need to utilize it in order for it to actually be of any value to them.

This also creates more liquidity, ultimately triggering the network effect, which is how true adoption takes place. It is simply just a case of multiplication and compounding upon already existing models. Obviously, more users and liquidity will always attract the creation of new business models and alternative projects. This just further serves to compound the already compounding effect.

Why Hive Is Perfectly Positioned

Apart from my own publications, I have noticed a recent increase in the number of articles addressing the benefits of the Hive ecosystem. There seems to be a bit of a rumbling and with good reason. Hive is more than an incentivized blogging platform, even more than Play2Earn opportunities. There is a wealth of dapps, which is constantly growing and evolving, offering inclusion in a decentralized ecosystem.

Not Only Decentralized But Monetized

You could not ask for a better combination! These two very important aspects of the Hive ecosystem create the makings of an independent economy, upon which the community can build their own personally designed “businesses”. Considering that HIVE recently reached $3.41 and a billion-dollar market cap, it has become blatantly clear that Hive has what it takes to become a future key player in the Global Crypto economy. Consider all the amazing communities within the Hive community. Look at the development and progress being made on Leofinance of late. We may not see it reflected in the price just yet but that is not all that bad. It actually creates a window of opportunity for the true investors of tomorrow.

There is no question that we will see further development within the world of Hive. The only question is, will you have built up your own economy within the Hive economy? Make the most of the downtrends when they arrive and continue building day by day. Hive currently offers one of the best opportunities for the future, don’t miss out!

The Rise Of The New 1%

Crypto Billionaires On The Rise

Recently it was reported that CZ, the CEO of Binance is now one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. With a reported net worth of $96 billion, it is literally amazing to think that the entire Crypto market was valued at that not so long ago. Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX is another billionaire climbing the ranks of the world’s wealthiest, with a net worth of $22.5 billion. They are not alone! There are many Crypto players joining the billionaire list at an accelerated pace.

What is important to note is that if key Crypto personalities are already multi-billionaires, where will they be when one factors in the potential growth in this market over the next five years or so? CZ already ranks up in the 1% and future growth will only push him further up the ranks.

A Personal Point

To be honest, I am not the type to be concerned about who the wealthiest person in the world is. However, we have to agree that the 1% ultimately have a large say as to what transpires in our world. Over time kingdoms rise and fall. They have a period of dominance that is eventually destroyed by a new and advancing kingdom. My hope is that a shift in the top tier could ultimately trigger a shift in global and government policies.

Looking back one can see how key people, though not even wealthy, have had a significant role in helping to bring understanding to the government in regard to Crypto. People such as Hester Peirce, Crypto Dad, and others have been key contributors. Consider the effect if the entire 1% was replaced by Crypto kings or at least the majority.

Basic Mathematics

One has to consider the growth factor of the current 1% and what they are invested in and exposed to. To be honest, I don’t see any industry outperforming Crypto and its multi-faceted economy over the next 10 years. Sure, perhaps over short-term price horizons, there may well be some but I am talking long-term here. Over the next five to ten years, Crypto and the tokenized economy will decimate all other rivals for the crown. This is in terms of year-on-year growth.

Looking at Binance alone, with just short of $200 billion in trading volume per day, this truly is a powerhouse. This equates to trillions per month, of which Binance takes a cut. Factor in withdrawal fees, as some are higher than the actual network fees and you have your own legal money printer. This is obviously when volumes are up and the market is bullish. However, as the market matures this will soon become the order of the day. This is just one exchange with one person at the helm. There are many other Crypto businesses that are able to replicate this type of performance. They may not match the numbers but they can still produce massive returns.

Accelerated Growth

Warren Buffet is 91 years old and it took him the majority of his life to build his wealth. CZ has basically matched Warren in a matter of years. The multiplication factor is massive and gives a true indication of how much wealth is being generated in this space. If you were Warren and you saw these “Crypto guys” closing in on your position of influence, you would also have nothing good to say about Crypto. A realist has to find at least a few good points about a competitor. The fact that there are never any from the mouth of Buffet is a clear indication of an expressed bias. One sure way to lose is to base your position on a bias and not facts. Another factor that gives the Crypto team an upper hand is that they understand traditional finance and the existing financial system.

The existing 1% are for the most part completely clueless. The term “know your enemy” comes to mind. The Crypto players understand the position and workings of the opposing side, while the other side has no idea about Crypto and the workings of blockchain. You will remember the narrative that was attempted some years ago, which basically discredited Bitcoin but approved “Blockchain technology”. This failed outright and has only served to display the threat that many now face.

Might As Well Join Them

This has been the approach of players such as Soros and the like. Even the Rothchild’s own Bitcoin and one can argue the motivation here. Whether it is for gain, or simply a hedge, one cannot definitively say. What we do know is the haters are buying Bitcoin. There are some psychological take ways one can further deduce but I will exclude that in keeping with the facts. In order for the current 1% to maintain dominance over the next decade, they will need to move significantly into Crypto in my opinion.

The alternative is to slowly be diluted out of the mix and become secondary to a new seat of wealth created and existing in a new asset class. What will they do and how will they address the challenge that lies ahead?

The Long-Term Remains Bullish

Despite current volatility, which was predicted by many by the way, the long-term picture for Bitcoin and Crypto remains bullish. When you factor that into your decisions, buying the dip makes a lot of sense, provided you have a long-term horizon. As I have said before, unless you have a minimum of a five-year horizon, buying Bitcoin doesn’t serve you well. You will most likely enjoy gains but you will miss out on the true Bitcoin effect, which ultimately plays out over longer time horizons.

Encouragement Remains

So many factors and happenings within the Crypto space continue to provide encouragement and motivation to keep building and working at portfolio growth. We have an unprecedented opportunity within our reach and we should most definitely be pushing to accomplish and build more each and every day. We may not become the next 1% but we can secure a financial heritage for our families and loved ones.

Thanks for joining me and hope to see you in the next one!

An Objective View Of Hi Dollar – Benefits & Potential Pitfalls

The Team & Stability

I began collecting my daily Hi back in September of 2021. It was still a very new project back then, which seemed to be receiving a fair amount of recognition based on the team that was heading it up! Former heavyweights from Crypto.com and Bitcoin.com seemed to be drawing in the masses. To my knowledge, Hi Dollar already has approximately 200 million users. The goal, according to the official Hi.com site is to onboard 2 billion users. That is quite an ambitious goal if I dare say so myself. The price of Hi has remained relatively stable over the last four months since I initially wrote about this project.

The price has generally hovered between $0.73 and $1.00, apart from a brief drop to $0,33, which was short-lived. You can visit the following link to read my initial article if you happened to miss it. At face value, the team appears solid, the price is relatively stable and users can earn 1 free Hi Dollar every 24 hours. I guess this is the decider for many potential users that are on the fence about getting involved with Hi and the community.

Zero Capital = Zero Risk

This is it, users are able to collect their free Hi Dollar every 24 hours without incurring any cost. By simply answering a daily multiple-choice question, users receive free Hi. This action literally takes a few seconds of your day, making it extremely viable, especially if Hi goes on to increase in value over time. That being said, the ATH for Hi is $1.57, which was reached on the 8th of December 2021. With prices currently under severe pressure, the price is currently under strain.

The incentivized economy is just going to keep growing, as will the number of opportunities within this niche. People are constantly on the lookout to find new ways to monetize their actions and time, especially as rewards in Crypto generally appreciate significantly over time. Look at Torum for example. Many were collecting their free XTM not knowing if the token was ever going to have any value. Eventually, the token had a value of $0.05 and many were extremely pleased to finally see value being associated with their tokens. However, XTM went on to reach $2.50 and is currently trading at $0.49 at the time of writing.

The moral of the story is, accumulating free Crypto without much effort and no capital contribution is often a great move to make. Spending a few seconds a day is worth it in my opinion, as the token could actually take off.

Demand & Use Cases

Even though Hi that is freely earned is locked up for a year, Hi can be purchased on Uniswap and PancakeSwap. This Hi is transferable and can also be staked in order to receive some fairly decent rewards. Not only can users earn on their Hi but also BTC, ETH, and a number of other coins, including stablecoins. It is actually quite surprising to see that even at this stage when many are simply collecting free Hi, the trading volume is generally just below $1 million on a daily basis.

Image Source – Hi.com

There is clearly a demand for Hi and that is a positive sign. Considering the type of project, the volume is decent and shows signs of liquidity and life. Holding Hi will also earn users rewards when using certain services including restaurants, airlines, hotels, and more. Hi is busy setting up strategic partnerships that will further incentivize users to hodl their Hi. There are different levels within the loyalty system, rewarding users according to the amount of Hi being held.

Image Source – Hi.com

Holding 10K Hi or more will put you in the top tier and unlock Premium benefits. At this point it all sounds quite promising, so let’s take a look at some of the other aspects that could be interpreted negatively.

Potential Issues

One of the more negatively viewed aspects of Hi Dollar is that in order to withdraw your freely attained Hi, you will have to complete a basic KYC. Some are quite opposed to KYC in general and yet I think that it is going to become more and more of a prerequisite in order to utilize Crypto services.

Another potential issue could be that when currently locked Hi tokens are unlocked, there could be a significant sell-off as holders proceed to cash out their free tokens. This will depend a lot on how the community interprets the value of the perks associated with holding the token. So at this stage, it is actually quite difficult to determine whether Hi will be able to maintain the current valuation. Apart from these two scenarios, I don’t see much that could potentially be an issue. When you take into account that you can accumulate Hi tokens without actually having to purchase them, the risk is quite minimal. What I would like to see though is Hi being listed on a few CEXs over the next six months or so.


All things considered, if you are not heavily opposed to KYC and can spare 10 seconds a day, it may be well worth your time to start accumulating some free Hi.

Building A Small Business In The Hive Ecosystem

For Content Creators

Although this is an approach for content creators, it can also work for those offering and providing great curation on the Hive ecosystem. I remember joining Steemit back in 2016 or 2017, I can’t quite remember now but I do remember that I loved the initial concept and idea. Years later and Hive has forked from Steemit, offering even more amazing opportunities, through the wealth of tribes, tokens, and communities that are thriving on the network. With each day that passes, I find myself becoming even more bullish and excited about the future of Hive. I have been spreading the word and writing about Hive quite a bit over the past few months. This is largely due to the fact that I believe that if you are creating content, then you need to be building a presence on Hive.

Foundational Understanding

Understanding how Hive works is actually imperative to grasp this idea. I will however share my simple, yet effective strategy for Hive, taking for granted that you understand the dynamics at play. If you are unaware of the basic workings of Hive, then I suggest reading this post, in order to have a foundational understanding before continuing.

Keep Generating Income

In the world of Crypto, generating income is equally important as generating gains in my opinion. If I have to wait for significant bullish momentum in order to realize some Crypto profits, then I don’t even have a side hustle. Even a side hustle rewards on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Spending months and even years waiting for the next price explosion is one way to dampen your spirits. However, if you are building and earning in that time, then not only are you encouraged for the road ahead, you are generating income, as well as possibly adding to your stack.

My Main Objectives Achieved

By executing this simple approach, I am able to satisfy my own objectives that I set out to attain through mostly multiple ideas. Hive has a beautiful way of offering all three in one! These being:

  • Acquiring stablecoins to hedge my portfolio.
  • Generating income, both passive and hybrid.
  • Increasing my holdings to secure future gains.

It is pretty much that simple and can all be done by blogging on Hive.

Securing A Presence

This is by far the most difficult aspect of this strategy because you will have to provide quality content on a consistent basis. There is an unspoken rule on Hive that ensures noobs do their time, proving that their presence adds value to the ecosystem. This is actually what makes Hive work so well. Upvotes have value to the one issuing them and so naturally users seek to only part with an upvote when it is well deserved.

I have been posting quite consistently on Hive and other tribes for well over a year now. I haven’t concerned myself with earnings but have rather sought to produce content consistently.

Stay The Course

Sometimes posts perform really well, it is important though to remain focused when they don’t. I think that the seven-day upvote window can also play a part, as a good post can often slip through the craps, only later to be discovered. This is the “building” part of building a business. Many people seem to forget that aspect. Working towards creating great content and adding value to the entire ecosystem should be your primary goal, at least for a year or two. To be honest, it actually needs to be your primary goal indefinitely.

Powering Up?

Ideally, you want to power up all of your HIVE earnings. You also want to stake your HBD in order to earn 12% APR. This needs to become a habit and should be your secondary goal, after creating and publishing content. I don’t personally advocate buying HIVE with your HBD, as I like to have a stablecoin stash. Furthermore, your HBD should be a long-term hedge and investment. Compounding your returns over time should help to keep up with inflation and monetary expansion.

Time To Shake Things Up

Once you have accumulated a significant amount of HIVE and HBD, you can begin utilizing your account as a business. What is considered significant is unique to each individual and you get to decide where that point is. So let’s recap! You now have your holdings in HBD, which is more of insurance on your “business”. You also have your holdings in HIVE, which is ultimately part of the cash-generating aspect of the business. Now you can begin taking 70% of the one half of your author and curation rewards as income. The remaining 30% can be locked up in order to secure growth in your account/business.

Where To Extract Income

In a bull market, I would suggest taking 70% from your HIVE earnings and staking all your HBD earnings. In a bear market, you do exactly the opposite because your HBD won’t increase in value later, so you realize those gains. Your HIVE on the other hand will, so you power up the HIVE so that later on you can experience an explosion in the value of your account. Plus, you are also growing your upvote, which increases the value of your curation. This is obviously working on the 50/50 allocation setting of HIVE/HBD.


In essence, you are only removing less than 50% of your monthly earnings as income and allowing the remainder to work for you and increase the value and efficiency of your account. This might be helpful for new users to have a starting point, that they can later modify to their own personal needs and preferences. It is important to note that earnings can also be generated in communities, such as Leofinance and others. This has a multiplication effect on what you are accomplishing on Hive. It can also help you reach your own personal point of “significance” prior to actually withdrawing income from your work.

Thanks for reading along. Those who have tailored their own personal strategies are free to share them, strategies are often tweaked and enhanced. So, please share!

Looking Back On My 2020 & 2021 Altcoin Picks

Curiosity Got This Cat

This morning I was adjusting my portfolio, in regard to new acquisitions and changes I have made. I also decided to add some of my smaller holdings, which I typically don’t concern myself about much. However, it is actually a good idea because if anything changes significantly, I will see it immediately. When a holding is initially 1% and then suddenly becomes 5%, you know something is up! I have loads of coins that are in the 1% category or less. To be fair, many are 0.25% to 0.5%. Some may think that this is foolish but it is actually quite the contrary.

My 10% Rule

It’s actually quite simple and rather astute because the risk/reward ratio is highly favorable. Let me explain. If I hold 10% of my portfolio in high-risk alts, the worst that can happen is I lose that 10% allocation. To be honest, in Crypto that is nothing. I would still have the other 90%, which is still quite significant. On the other hand, if some moon I can 5X my portfolio or more!

My entry on SOL was around $0.30 in 2020. Anyone that bought a 1% allocation at that point, increased their portfolio by 10X when measured against the peak. This is also taking the initial value of the portfolio as the base. This thinking is summarized in a tweet I recently saw on Twitter.

you get rich by taking large amounts of risk with small amounts of money you stay rich by taking small amounts of risk with large amounts of money

Investors that are averse to risk should not even be in Crypto. Risk is very much part and parcel of this game. It is actually these massive risk/reward ratios that make the gains possible. You cannot have one without the other. Perhaps tokenized real estate might be a better investment option for the more conservative “Crypto” investor.

So What Performed?

Yes, Solana was by far my best call of 2020. Approximately 900X from my entry point. There were a few other significant gainers that came modestly close to Solana. I am measuring these gains up to their recent peak prices and not current valuations. Unibright (UBT) did a 422X, almost half of Solana. This one was actually obtained in the final months of 2019 but I have added it as well, as it was quite a stellar performer. Even measuring from 2020 would be a very significant return.

Kusama was acquired long before the hype at approximately $9 and did roughly a 66X in this recent run-up. ASD, formerly BTMX muscled a crazy 100X, which is ginormous for an already somewhat known exchange token. I am only addressing the coins that I wrote about so that readers who remember them can go back and revisit those posts if they so choose.

The Less Than Stellar

When it comes to NFTs I am not that involved in what is currently going on. I started minting NFTs in 2020 and looked at what would be a viable investment with relatively low risk, which is why I took this approach. RARI performed a 30X, which many would say is definitely not less than stellar. However, when compared to the previous returns it is a bit weak.

ANKR is another project that I was quite excited about in 2020 and held into 2021. I am currently still holding a bag that I have set aside for the long term. This project only did a 30X, which was rather disappointing for me, as I had hoped for more. It is still a great return though, so I definitely won’t be ungrateful.

There were a number of other smaller mentions that managed a 4X to 20X at best. These include some very speculative plays such as SNTVT, GARD, EDG, and BAND. There were also some others that I did not write about that did fairly well.

The Worst Performer

Well, this was actually shocking, to be honest, SXP was an absolute fail, in terms of generating returns this year. At best it is a 3X to the peak. However, it has been a fairly decent oscillator, so it was quite good for short to medium-term trades. Anyway, I didn’t have much and even though the market is down somewhat I have not lost anything.

What About The Others?

There are others that I didn’t write about but have started mentioning and accumulating. These are projects such as FTM, RAY, MANA, and some other DeFi tokens. Oh yes, I actually forgot ETH! I lost a lot of ETH in the March 2020 dump, due to networks being congested and unable to fund leveraged positions. It is quite sad to think back on it because had my funds cleared in minutes as they should, I would have been fine. Some transactions took more than 24 hours to confirm. I tried multiple times in the hope that something would take.

After the loss, I bought my own blood back at approximately $100 per ETH. Turned out to be a great move, as ETH performed a 45X to the peak. Not bad for the number two coin! That is quite a gain for ETH at this stage of the game. Anyway, that’s my wrap-up. Thanks for reading and for those who were riding along on the journey, hope you enjoyed the recap.

Hedging Your Portfolio Through Daily Habits

Multiple Ways To Get The Job Done

Discerning market trends and short-term cycles can be extremely hard at times. Just look at today, an announcement by the FED can send the market tumbling in an instant. It doesn’t matter if the technicals and fundamentals were looking good. In this particular case, they were not looking the greatest. However, the point to take home here is that news trumps all when it comes to markets. This is actually rather sad because misinformation is so easily executed in today’s world, meaning that unjust movements can be triggered.

The positive side to this coin is that it creates volatility and ultimately opportunity. If you are a long-term investor you will be aware of how markets can be manipulated in the short term but tend to honor the fundamentals in the long run. This is where having accurate information is vital because even though it may seem contrary in the present it is ultimately correct. This is why investing trumps trading, in that the long-term picture remains intact. On the other hand, the short-term scenario comes under constant attack, FUD, and hype. Anyway, let’s get back to the matter at hand.

Positioned To Win

The incentivized economy offers Crypto investors such an amazing opportunity it seems almost too good to be true! Stablecoins are often seen as the best way to hedge a Crypto portfolio and in essence, they are. There are however so many creative ways “active” investors can hedge their portfolios by actually adding to them without allocating capital. This is only made possible through the incentivized economy that is already growing g at an alarming rate. To be honest, some are even earning a living by taking advantage of the array of opportunities. I recently read that @acesontop utilizes HIVE/LEO to cover his living costs. This is a tremendously powerful situation, given it didn’t come easily, it is attainable.

Daily Necessities

With this in mind it becomes rather obvious that by utilizing multiple opportunities within the realm of daily necessity, one can begin to hedge purchased holdings by gaining more free holdings. In regard to the realm of necessity, I am speaking of checking holdings in your portfolio, doing research, and so on. If you are an investor worth your salt, you will be doing this on a daily basis. In order to do this, you will need to make use of search engines, metric sites, as well as social media. Within this realm, there are numerous opportunities that can begin to produce great results over time.

Browsers & Metrics Resources

For instance, instead of primarily using Coingecko, add LunarCrush as a resource. Unlike candies, users earn LUNR, which is tradable on multiple exchanges and actually has real value. What better time to earn micro-cap alts than in a downtrend. All this activity needs to be done via a browser or search engine. Decentr enables the earning of DEC from a monthly pool of 100K DEC for active users. Presearch enables users to currently earn 0.0548 PRE per search. What I enjoy about Decentr is that the reward halving is set at 2 years, while Presearch adjusts the reward according to the token value. This however does work in favor of the early adopters, as the further you look back in the reward history, the higher the token reward was per search.

Always Have Multiple Options

There is also the CryptoTab browser that will just simply print BTC in the background. I have a separate laptop running this on my desk. It is completely passive and updates the balance every 10 minutes even if there are no searches conducted on the browser. There are a few other browsers such as Netbox but I find the reward too low to be considered. Presearch has a daily search cap of 30 paid searches. This is where you want to have other alternatives lined up in order to keep the Crypto coming in.

The Opportunities Are Endless

If you are truly seeking to find ways to monetize the things that you actually do on a daily basis, you will be surprised to find how many opportunities there are! Some will compliment your already existing routine, while others will completely replace your current resources. We have not even touched on the social media side of things. Obviously, you want to be in touch with others who are in the Crytpo space. You want to hear their ideas and opinions, you want access to a community with a similar mindset. In essence, Facebook’s Meta “move” is a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

The masses may still be with Facebook but people are beginning to segregate to platforms like Hive due to the tribes and communities that are focused on certain aspects of life. The Hive ecosystem has potential way beyond what many realize. Anyway, I am rambling on again about Hive, it’s just that I see so much value and potential in Hive!


In conclusion, we can agree that by simply changing, or adding a few services, we can add to our portfolio. In essence, by adding new value, we are actually hedging our initial capital investment. Due to the diverse realms of opportunity within the Crypto space, creativity can often birth additional methods and strategies to accomplish a similar goal. What may seem rather insignificant now, may well be quite valuable in time to come! To confirm this idea, let’s look back at the price of PRE at the beginning of 2020.

PRE kicked off 2020 at $0.013 and is currently trading at $0.357. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. This seems to be especially true within the world of Crypto. Earning tokens from new and upcoming projects can pay off quite handsomely down the line. Ultimately, this could do more than hedge your portfolio in the long run, it could even grow it rather significantly.

Thanks for your time, all the best in your Crypto adventure and see you in the next one!

What Constitutes Quality Content?

Web 2.0 Mechanics Will Soon Fail

In the traditional world of social media and content creation, validity is endorsed by numbers. The number of likes, followers, shares, and subscribers. When people are seeking out an authoritative voice, they tend to look for the largest presence or the top-ranking Google search. I mean, it makes sense right? If something has value and is well visited, it will ultimately rank high on Google and other platforms. This is true but only to a point. Like everything nowadays, people are creating ways to enslave algorithms to serve their agendas. The media is biased to serve an agenda. Ultimately, everything is corruptible and therefore is being corrupted to the highest level possible.

When you take this into serious consideration, you may well begin to realize that most of the information and data so readily available is not worthy of your trust, let alone your time. In the Crypto world, where shilling and hype are often the order of the day, it becomes even more difficult to find a trusted voice. Trust will become increasingly scarce in our world. Those that build it and secure it through honesty and accuracy will become the true thought leaders. In essence, they already are, they are just not recognized as such yet.

100% Accuracy Is A Myth

I have mentioned this before in previous posts. As consumers of content, we need to hold our influencers accountable. I do not mean to imply that they owe us something but rather that we should keep record. In the Crypto space, market direction and prediction are a large part of the game. If you are simply following someone due to their follower base and never actually keeping track of their accuracy, you may well find that you are being led down the garden path. I personally ignore certain influencers even though they are well known and pay attention to others that most have never even heard of. The reason being is that the data is the only deciding factor! Are you going to boast about the inaccurate data you received from a high-profile influencer that you took without doing your own research? I think not! It doesn’t get much more foolish than this.

Approach & Flexibility

Unlike most, I operate on a different set of rules. I am not out to please or impress anyone. Furthermore, I am not out to join a “click” or idolized group. I am simply out to get it right because in this game that is all that counts. I am quick to question my position or ideology if confronted with authoritative data that challenges my view. Another important aspect is to not allow time to play too much of a decider. Markets often follow predicted paths, while simultaneously taking a coffee break along the way. You have to be flexible but simultaneously have boundaries. At the end of the day good and predominantly accurate data and information play a very big role.

The Copy Paste Brigade

These guys’ days are numbered, unfortunately for them. They will eventually have to actually do some real work. To my knowledge, I have never shared a post on any platform such as Torum or Noise.cash that I did not personally write and publish. You can calculate how much time that takes. Compare that to a so-called influencer that copy-pastes articles from Cointelegraph and other Crypto news sites. I mean, you could literally get your seven-year-old son or daughter to do that for you every day. To enforce this point, you will be surprised as to how many top and recommended users on these platforms are actually doing this.

They have nothing to offer personally and so have to ride on the wave of another. If anything they are speedy copy/paste experts. This may sound a bit hard but it’s true. Think about it, NFTs have value due to the origin and authority of the product. If you copy-paste it, you have nothing. Similarly, the credit is with the author of the article on Cointelegraph. I understand that sometimes you want to share an important article with relevant information. This is different from the person capitalizing on the work of others by continuously posting their articles and securing a presence that is not based on any work of their own doing.

Their Days Are Numbered

This nonsense in the creativity space will come to an abrupt end fairly soon. It will eventually be considered worse than spam. To those creating good content without much recognition, you have my respect, regardless of how meaningful or meaningless that may be. To those that are taking part in this spam variant, take this as an early heads up to get real. Crypto and Web 3 are all about independence and ownership and this is what will ultimately be respected in time. Everything else will be seen as inferior.


So in concluding, good content is ultimately for the most part accurate, insightful, and has relevant data that is helpful and can make a difference in the life of the reader. It is also privately owned and original. I say privately owned because even though it may be published on a centralized platform, it is still the property of the publisher because it was created by the publisher.

This simultaneously also reveals what bad content is. It is the opposite of good content. Inaccurate data that ultimately fails in its predictions the majority of the time and adds little to no value to the reader. Furthermore, it can also be a spam variant due to it just being a reposting of another’s work. Unfortunately, most are in this game simply for recognition and enrichment. I made the conscious decision to create the Sapphire Crypto Blog without incorporating any ad revenue. I have no ad revenue incentive for you to visit my official blog. I have affiliate material in most of my content but there is zero monetization per visit whatsoever.

I also write under a pseudonym to ensure that the focus remains on the content and not the person. I understand that the majority reading this will not appreciate my approach but I do it for my own personal reasons and convictions. I may in time reevaluate, as my journey continues but for now, this is me. Sapphire Crypto signing out.

See you soon!

Are You Utilizing Emotional Intelligence As An Investment Indicator?

Data & Metrics

Investing and trading require thorough research and dedicated time in order to produce consistent results. Sure, pretty much everyone is a genius in a bull market but the majority of gains can just as easily be erased when the market reverses. This has always been the reason why altcoin holders have always looked to offload at cycle peaks. This may however be changing due to a possible shift in cycle patterns. It is still a bit early to say with absolute certainty but it seems to be rather likely. One of the most trusted ways of analyzing the market is technical analysis. However, Crypto has an added benefit in the form of on-chain analysis.

These are pretty effective ways to gain a handle on what’s going on in the market. They are however not a guarantee and even the most skilled analysts get it wrong from time to time. Another important factor to always bear in mind is that manipulation is a very real threat and reality. Whales are basically using emotional intelligence in their approaches because they are aware of how their actions will be interpreted. The movement of coins by whales can ultimately adjust market sentiment. This is achieved without the adjustment of any fundamentals but rather the interpretations of their movements.

Knowing how the market will eventually respond to certain dynamics is key in identifying trends and even long-term investment opportunities.

Add To your Data The Writing On The Wall

Some months ago I published an article entitled, “The Signs That Pointed To Solana Eventually Becoming A Big Deal”. In this article, I explained the reasoning as to why I had a very clear indication that Solana would ultimately rise in prominence.

During the early days of FTX, the project formed a strong relationship with Binance, which they later u-turned on. This was one of the most important signs for me, as most projects will endeavor to leverage the Binance name in order to gain traction and rise to prominence. The move by FTX displayed that not only were they not that interested in riding the Binance wave but that FTX was actually challenging Binance for dominance. FTX were indeed aiming very high and they were choosing to build their DEX on Solana. Sam would need to have a lot of confidence in Solana if he was using it as the base layer to Serum as he challenged Binance for supremacy.

Understanding human behavior and in particular, the behavior of a person in Sam Bankman-Fried’s position gave a clear indication that he knew something. Secondly, a man with such great ambition would not build the Serum DEX on just any blockchain. This is a fairly good example of how intelligence outside of the traditional sources can be very helpful in identifying hidden gems.

You can imagine that when you obtain confluence by obtaining additional data, this can be a very lucrative approach.

Another Recent Example

We recently experienced monster moves from AVAX, LUNA, and other layer 1s. Something that I noticed caused me to become quite bullish on FTM. Fantom is a relatively high-quality layer 1 that seemed to somehow get ignored in this recent bull run. This to me was an obvious opportunity. Surely, once the market realizes this, FTM would be next to experience some significant upside.

I posted the following post on Noise.cash approximately 10 days ago, informing my subs that I was now buying FTM at approximately $1.35. Today, as I am writing this article, FTM is trading at $3.10!

A Useful Alternative

In this particular instance, relying on emotional intelligence as the main indicator worked out really well. This is a rise of 130% in a little over a week, in a time when the market isn’t really doing much. Sometimes this approach can be quite intuitive and has the ability to uncover what traditional analysis is unable to. I am a thinker, so I guess I am well suited to this approach. However, it may be quite useful to those who have significant knowledge of the Crypto space, as they have a wealth of data to process. 

Thanks for the visit, see you in the next one!

Investing & Spending – How I Marry The Two

Is That Even Possible

One of the most basic principles in finance is that you can’t become wealthy by spending. It seems pretty basic and yet we are surrounded by many poor, rich individuals. Rich because they earn a sizable income and poor because not only do they spend it all, they spend beyond it. In my country, the average citizen spends 75% of his salary servicing debt. This is literally insane. There are occasions that I will advocate debt but only under certain conditions. Once you come to understand how I marry spending/debt and investing, you will realize how this is even better than you could have imagined.

In essence, I am spending but in reality, I am not. This approach has a strong foundation in the approach of building passive income streams, as well as bulk holdings over time. So let’s examine this idea that I believe far outperforms the traditional view of paying off a car, or even a house.

Flipping The Tables

I have always advocated the idea of working hard for your money until you are able to make your money work hard for you. If you are spending your entire salary every month, then I am sorry to disappoint you, this will never become your reality. When purchasing a vehicle via financing, you will always end up paying way more than the actual cost of the vehicle. This is due to the interest accrued every year. Generally, vehicle repayment terms are 5 to 6 years.

Let’s say that the vehicle you are eyeing has a price tag of 200K. You have two options, you can either save up 200K or finance the vehicle and enter into an agreement that enslaves you for the next 5 to 6 years. If you save the money, you will be able to obtain your new car but you will no longer have your 200K. This inevitably causes you to lose your leverage. When you hold cash or assets with a cash value, you have an advantage over the system. Just as he who is indebted to the system is subservient to the system. Ideally, you don’t want to sacrifice that.

If you finance the vehicle you are now enslaved and will end up paying closer to $300K for your 200K vehicle over the next 5 to 6 years. If you view these two options, you will note that neither one is attractive, or by any means wise.

Why Not Marry Them?

This is where my approach comes into the scenario. Before I continue, we need to be aware of what the monthly repayment would be, were we to purchase this vehicle via financing. In general, the monthly repayment of a $200K vehicle over 6 years is approximately 3.8K. With this figure in mind, let’s continue. Due to Crypto being so lucrative, obtaining fairly safe yields is quite attainable. I am generally going to ignore the high-risk sector and design something that is a lot safer.

Let’s say you have built up a stash of Crypto over time and it is now worth 200K. Instead of following the traditional methods above, there is a smarter alternative. By utilizing lending, staking, low-risk DeFi, and stablecoins, I am able to generate an average return of 4% per month. Let’s rather make it 3.5% to make up for volatility in the market.

What Does This Produce?

So we have our 200K locked away and earning 3.5% per month. This equates to 7K per month. You will note that this is almost double the monthly repayment cost if the vehicle was financed. This also means that the market could drop more than 50% and you would still be able to secure your monthly repayment. I say more than 50% because a lot of that capital is in stablecoins, which would offset the loss in this particular instance.

Further safety measures can be taken by not spending the excess but compounding it into the principal amount, subsequently growing the investment and monthly income. This is a win/win.


Let’s view each outcome to assess what the implications and benefits are in order to evaluate the smartest way to get the job done!

Purchasing the vehicle outright – The only benefit here is that you acquire the vehicle but in so doing have to forfeit your capital.

Financing the vehicle – Once again, you have the vehicle but now you are enslaved in that you need to now produce the income needed to repay the loan over many years.

Using My Approach – You get the vehicle as well as being able to hold onto your 200K. Furthermore, your investment increases in value over time, especially if you are compounding the excess.

It is always wise to ensure that the income generated exceeds the required amount quite substantially. This is quite important, as Crypto markets are quite volatile. That is why it is advisable to incorporate stablecoins into the mix. Thanks for reading. I hope this article has ignited some creative financial solutions.