Top 3 Free Crypto Earning Platforms


Outside of, these three platforms are the most reliable. Quick and easy hourly claims are available on all three. Satoshi Hero is every 30 minutes! Coinpayu and Cointiply both offer PTC ads, as well as surveys and additional earning opportunities. For a full and extensive list of Crypto earning platforms and opportunities please visit the following compilation of more than 50 opportunities!





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Current global events are encouraging more and more people to expand beyond traditional finance. Many are finding Crypto to be a great alternative, especially considering that it is still a new and emerging asset class. This is even further compounded by the fact that there are multiple ways to leverage the incentivized economy and remove the risk of personal investment.

Bitcoin – This Next Move Will Reveal A Lot!

Bullish Formation Looking to the charts, one can see that a traditionally bullish formation is in play in the form of an ascending triangle. These formations statistically break to the upside 70% of the time, essentially making them bullish reversal patterns. This pattern is busy playing out on the 4-hourly chart and should have an…

Statera – A Concern For Publish0x Publishers & Readers?

Opinions Abound People will always be quick to offer their opinion in regards to a particular matter that affects them. Obviously, there were numerous suggestions offered by the Publish0x community when ETH gas fees initially began to surge and consequently began affecting payments. My own personal opinion is that the platform should have never removed…

Gaining A Better Perspective Of This Current Market

Multiple Indicators I use technical analysis quite a lot, as well as fundamentals, and emotional intelligence to try and navigate my way through this market. I believe that due to recent events the market has shifted to a more emotionally interpreted perspective. This has encouraged me to shift my decision-making towards interpreting human behavior, rather…