Top 3 Free Crypto Earning Platforms


Outside of, these three platforms are the most reliable. Quick and easy hourly claims are available on all three. Satoshi Hero is every 30 minutes! Coinpayu and Cointiply both offer PTC ads, as well as surveys and additional earning opportunities. For a full and extensive list of Crypto earning platforms and opportunities please visit the following compilation of more than 50 opportunities!





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Current global events are encouraging more and more people to expand beyond traditional finance. Many are finding Crypto to be a great alternative, especially considering that it is still a new and emerging asset class. This is even further compounded by the fact that there are multiple ways to leverage the incentivized economy and remove the risk of personal investment.

Bitcoin Dominance & The Bigger Picture

Bitcoin Dominance Continues To Rise Although there are a number of altcoins that have performed relatively well during this pump, the majority are bleeding against BTC. That’s right, it’s not only the Bitcoin price that is rallying but also the Bitcoin dominance. BTC is currently outperforming alts, and this trend looks likely to continue. Taking…

Market Overview – Crypto Enthusiasts, Looking Like Geniuses Again?

Whipsaw Crypto enthusiasts definitely have one thing going for them, and that’s conviction. Regardless of the MSM narrative, which flips so aggressively, they remain unchanged in their support of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. This obviously results in a very predictable response from society, as a whole. When the market is collapsing, Crypto investors are said…

Establishing A Crypto Business Is Not Void Of Sacrifice

The Real Deal To some extent, someone who has managed a business has somewhat of an understanding of what’s involved in owning any type of business. On the other hand, someone who has only ever worked as an employee is rather oblivious to much of what is required in taking on such a venture. Business…