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Many people still make use of one of the first Bitcoin faucets’ that is still around and flourishing today. launched back in 2013 and has over 48 million registered users. The site generates revenue by offering gambling and betting services. An hourly free roll offers users the chance to win up to $200 in free bitcoin. Another prize which is given with every free roll is “Reward Points”. Every user earns RP with every free roll. The amount fluctuates and is often as high as 10 or 12 RP.

What some users are unaware of is that these RP can be converted to Bitcoin at a 1/1 ratio. The minimum conversion amount is 100K RP, which equates to 0.001 BTC. The current value is approximately $60. There is also no fee to withdraw your free BTC earnings, which is a very attractive benefit! If you are not aware, BTC transaction fees can often be on the high side, making this an absolute blessing!


Users can choose to earn an interest rate of 4.08% on their BTC balance. The only qualifying criteria is a minimum balance of 30K satoshis (0.003BTC). This interest is paid every 24 hours and is credited to your main balance. This is a similar service to that of BlockFi and Celcius. The only difference is that users need not deposit their own funds but can actually build up their balance by gathering free satoshis and RP, which can in turn be converted to BTC at a later stage.

This interest is compounded, as it is credited daily and your balance remains in BTC. It is at no point converted to a dollar amount, which locks in further price appreciation. For example, if you managed to accumulate 0.003 BTC, which is currently valued at approximately $180, it would increase further in a bull market. If the price of BTC went on to 3X in value, your holdings would then be worth $540!


Free users can also sign up to receive a daily email from, which also has a surprise of one free roll on the wheel of fortune every 24 hours. Every roll is guaranteed to earn a prize of either BTC, RP, or lottery tickets. I have personally won numerous spins that have paid out thousands of satoshis at a time. is one of many ways to accumulate some additional satoshis at zero cost.

I have only addressed the free methods of accumulating BTC on this platform. If you are a seasoned gambler familiar with playing HI/LOW games, you may want to test your luck!

Obviously, you can earn significantly more satoshis this way but you can also lose a significant amount. I guess it’s up to each individual player. is a great app to have on your phone, enabling you to pick up some free BTC in those idle moments.

Below is a screenshot revealing exactly how many BTC has actually been paid out by over the years. This figure is at the time of writing and is obviously increasing with every second that passes. This is a very impressive number and one can only marvel at these statistics as a whole.

Making the most of small opportunities can be very beneficial over time, especially to newcomers and those who do not wish to allocate capital to BTC until they are more familiar with it. After all, this is actually the reason that faucets were created in the first place.

You can also read the article, “Top 5 Crypto-Based Social Media Platforms” if you are wanting to earn more additional Crypto income. These opportunities can be very rewarding, it all depends on your dedication and the quality of the content that you produce. In some instances, building a significant following is imperative in order to earn a decent amount per post. However, there are those that can still produce meaningful rewards without requiring a strong follower base.