Celsius probably has one of the largest and most vibrant communities in the lending space. With more than 1.5 million community members, it is clear that Crypto enthusiasts love using and being a part of Celsius. A weekly Celsius AMA is held every week without fail. This is something you will not see on any of the other platforms offering lending services, at least not to my knowledge. The rates on offer are also very competitive, as Celsius currently offers the highest rate on BTC deposits.


At the end of the day, this is probably the most important aspect, right? Great service with below-average rates would not be very appealing to most investors, as it would imply an incomplete service. Investors require a service they can trust but also one that provides great rates and ultimately returns.

As I previously mentioned, the best rates for BTC can be found on Celsius. The benchmark return for BTC is in the vicinity of 4% to 5% on most lending platforms. Celsius community members enjoy 7.81% on their first 0.25 BTC! Larger investors can always deposit 0.25 BTC with Celsius and then spread the remainder to alternative platforms that will perhaps offer slightly more on larger deposits.

Image Source – App.celsius.network

The screenshot above highlights a few top coins with their respective APY rates. If you are knowledgeable of the rates on offer in the marketplace then you will notice that the rates are exceptionally good, especially SNX! Better stablecoin rates are on offer on other platforms but there is something that investors need to take into account before looking to greener pastures.


That’s right! Celsius will cover all of your withdrawal fees, even if you make multiple withdrawals in a single day. Some other platforms such as Hodlnaut offer some really great rates but then again they charge withdrawal fees. This is obviously all relative, as a withdrawal fee will not mean much to a large investor. However, smaller investors will definitely be suited to a platform that covers fees.

It is important to note that Ethereum and all ERC20 withdrawals are very expensive currently. Having Celsius cover that cost on your behalf is a great help.


Investors are in for a treat in terms of the number of assets that are currently available as interest-earning opportunities. There are currently more than 50 digital assets available on Celsius, including a wide range of stablecoins and PAXG, which is an ERC20 token. PAXG is pegged to the price of gold for the more traditional “store of value” investors out there.

Personally, I am quite intrigued by MATIC, AVAX, and DOT. I am a fan of all three and the interest rates are great! Compound that with the fact that all withdrawals are free and I am a happy camper!


New account registrations will receive a $50 bonus paid in BTC after meeting the following requirements. Firstly, new users will have to perform a standard KYC procedure. Secondly, a deposit of $400 or more must be made in any of the available assets and held for a minimum of 30 days. Withdrawing funds prior to this expiration date will obviously result in the loss of the $50 bonus.

New users need to be referred via a link with a code in order to qualify for the bonus. The following link and code: 188954e8a2 can be utilized to secure a bonus, provided the above-mentioned criteria have been met.


For those who perhaps do not have funds to deposit at this stage, or are a little cautious when it comes to Crypto, you can still be involved. Join Noise.cash and earn BCH for your interactions and thoughts. Set your Celsius deposit address as your payment wallet and automatically have your BCH sent to your Celsius wallet and begin earning interest.

Cointiply is another great earning site, where users can perform simple tasks and complete surveys in order to earn Bitcoin. Withdrawals can also be made in Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash!


Celsius offers a great product, accompanied by a very extensive list of assets. Free withdrawals make it even more attractive as an option, as well as the initial bonus on qualifying deposits. It is also important to note that Celsius can at any time change, or remove any and all bonus incentives.