One Micro-Cap I Am Resuming Accumulation Of Now!

Previous Performer

In October of 2021, I put out a personal altcoin pic to my subscribers that I was expecting a run on. Not only was this pick an altcoin but also a micro-cap! In the article, “Axpire – Is This Project About To Surprise?”, I revealed my views and expectations. At the time of writing the article, AXPR was trading at approximately $0.009 and went on to reach $0.03 within a month. This is a return of approximately 250% within a matter of weeks. This was a pretty good trade for those who decided to enter upon their own personal research and conviction. The recent collapse obviously hit altcoins hard, with micro-caps being hit even harder.

It Happens Every Correction

This is a law in the Crypto market and cannot be avoided. When BTC and alts collapse, micro-caps collapse even harder. The value and liquidity within these projects are so small that there is no way that they can stand against the market. Even if the project has what it takes to go on and become a Top 50 project, it will suffer along with the rest of the micro-cap casualties. This is a given and is exactly why investors move out of smaller projects and head for the safety of stablecoins.

Grass Roots

Even Though Axpire was around in the previous cycle, it is still very much under the radar. Looking at what attracted me in the first place is still very much a drawcard.

Yes, that is a market cap of only $3 million! This is one of the largest contributing factors in selecting AXPR as a potential altcoin gem. Projects that are in the vicinity of even $450 million are to a large extent still unnoticed. A move into this market-cap arena would cause a 150X appreciation in the value of AXPR. The fact that Axpire is a working product, already providing services to clients removes partial risk.

This is still true but now the market cap is even lower due to the recent market collapse. I know that there is still the chance the market goes lower but this is a long-term hodl.

Making One Exception

Recently I published which coins I am busy accumulating at this time, which excluded micro-caps, for the obvious reasons I have just mentioned. However, this particular project keeps tugging at me. So I have decided to make a small exception and resume a very modest accumulation. The potential here is quite simply, zero or hero! Considering the stage that we are currently in with regards to the market, this is probably the biggest risk.

Some Factors That Are Encouraging Me

One of the most interesting aspects of this project is that it is in essence developed and under the wing of LSG, a company that has been in business for 17 years. Over the years LSG has worked with Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, and many other top brands. This aspect provides a guarantee of liquidity if the project was to come under financial strain.

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Axpire will also be releasing PayBX this year, possibly within a few months or so. This service will enable users to connect existing Visa cards, enabling them to spend their Crypto. There will also be a form of lending/staking available, which will allow users to earn interest on idle Crypto balances. The release of PayBX was initially delayed but appears to be on track for release within the first quarter of 2022.

Current Staking

Unfortunately the official “Traditional Staking” pool is full, most likely due to a whopping 40% APY! There is also a regular token burn, which is performed through token buybacks and is set at 5% of revenue. Hopefully, there will be more future staking opportunities, even if at more modest returns. There are also future use cases for AXPR in the pipeline, once PayBX has been launched.

Axpire Is Currently Providing Services

As mentioned in the original post from last year, this is actually a project that has multiple working products that are being utilized by professional clients.

Axpire Expense Core is a service to simplify expense management with automation, and other features such as creating expense reports with voice-to-text, as well as OCR scanning of receipts. Also included are electronic invoices through the e-billing portal. A dashboard also offers data analytics and reporting through which performance can be monitored through various metrics.

Expense Core is merely one product from a Product Suite of multiple services that are currently available for clients to make use of. Even if AXPR doesn’t exactly moon, there appears to be a lot going on here for a market cap of $1.5 million at the time of writing.

Final Thoughts

There appear to be multiple factors pointing to some type of price appreciation in the not too distant future. The risks are still present, as another market crash could ultimately decimate the market cap of AXPR. However, the risk/reward ratio here looks pretty inviting to me, which subsequently means that the capital allocation can be very modest. Protecting your entry through smart accumulation points is imperative when dealing with tiny micro-caps like AXPR.

Definitely do a lot of research if you are thinking of AXPR. Understand the risks and remember that this is by no means an endorsement or financial advice. See you in the next one!

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